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Tricorder Project

Have you ever wanted your own tricorder? That's a rhetorical question. Of course you've wanted your own tricorder. Well Dr. Peter Jansen wasn't prepared to wait until the 24th century, so he made his own. And then he updated it and he continues to update it with new designs and new sensors.

He made it look like a real STNG tricorder. This one has 11 sensors ranging from temperature and humidity to magnetic fields. You might say it goes to 11. This thing clearly rocks!


Here's his design philosophy:

  • Breadth: To place as many different kinds of sensors as possible into one device
  • Tractability: To try and use off-the-shelf components as much as possible, to decrease development time
  • Accessibility (comfort): To create a device that was small enough to be easily carried with you in a pocket or bag, and that felt natural, not awkward, to use
  • Accessibility (cost): To create something that was as inexpensive as possible, so that people might easily have access to them without having to worry about the cost
  • Intuitiveness: To create simple and intuitive methods of visualizing the sensor data, that a high-school student would find easy to understand.

That's an awesome design philosophy. You know how you can tell? Not once did he mention "profit" or "outsourcing." Way to go Dr. Jansen.

You think that's good?

He has a Mark 2.


The Mark 2 has 10 sensors, however, it sounds like the addition of an imaging sensor might pull double duty. But everything else was improved. Here is what Dr. Jansen has to say about that:

"The Science Tricorder Mark 2 prototype sensor board contains ten different sensing modalities, organized into three main categories: atmospheric sensors, electromagnetic sensors, and spatial sensors. Many of the sensors are similar to those used in the Science Tricorder Mark 1, where the differences are centrally in upgrading sensors to higher-resolution versions where possible. The prototype sensor board also includes an imaging sensor, in the form of a cell phone camera, that is untested. Sensor boards for the Mark 2 are designed to be self-contained, include separate microcontrollers for low-level sensor communication, and as such are more easily upgraded."

But wait there's more! Dr. Jansen has moved forward with a small version with which he hopes to win the Hackaday prize. Below are the many versions he's created to get to the current Arducorder Mark5.


Head on over to his site Read his blog to keep up with what he's doing. Follow that over to 1395. Sign up and vote for this guy. He deserves it.

There's only one problem with these tricorders. When can I get one? I noticed he posted more or less everything you need to build one, but it requires some skills I think many people won't have. For now though, keep an eye on this project.

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