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Sci-fi literature

You think your job is hard? Bad day at the office? Well, did it involve explosive evacuation? Cubicle too cold? How about -120 degrees C? Did you spend 14 hours in zero G patching hulls, scrapping 32 metric tons of alloy or watching your co-worker get sucked through a hole the size of a dinner plate? No? Then you don't have a clue.

The Casa Bubble

It's the coolest tent ever. Available for purchase or rent. Positive pressure keeps the air clean and the mosquitos out. Impress the bears!

Starting at $8000
The Spotter

A wireless multipurpose sensor you can monitor from your phone. Includes light sensor, accelerometer, temperature gauge, sound and motion sensor. Connects to the Wink app over Wi-Fi. Compatibility: iOS 6 and above, iPhone 4 and above, and Android phones/tablets with OS 2.2 or higher.

Lifesize Big Bang cutouts

Wanna spend some time with Penny, Raj, Howard, Leonard, or Sheldon? Who doesn't? Well you can't. But your friends don't know that. Get a cutout. Take a picture. Send it to your friends!

Classic wrapping paper

Have a sciency loved one? Buy one of our gifts and wrap it in this awesome classic wrapping paper depicting the first ever sci-fi movie.

Mars Chess

With pieces made of precision-machined solid aluminum and available in several powder coated finishes, Mars Chess brings the rich tradition of one of the world’s oldest games to the modern home with unequaled style. Awesome looking chess set that can be customized. Can you think of a better way to spar with your favorite champion?

Starting at $2000

If you are a fan of Star Trek, these socks are only logical. Keep your tootsies warm and impress all of the Vulcans in your family!

Recon Jet

Google Glass, meet Jet. This baby is a heads up display geared toward hardcore athletes. With as much computing power as a modern cell phone is there anything it can't do? Recon Jet is a flexible computing platform, with all the processing power of a modern smartphone. Its powerful suite of built-in sensors includes GPS, an HD video camera, a microphone, and speakers, and its full-color, widescreen display can be configured for different applications.

Men in Black III watch

Maybe you can't police aliens on Earth, but you can wear dress the part. This is the watch worn by Will Smith in Men in Black III. It's called a Ventura Chrono by Hamilton. It rocks!

Click Cube Clock

Want a clock that's not up in your face all of the time. Try this little beauty. Just click your fingers and it comes on for just the right amount of time. Diplays the temperature too. Clap on!

Tie Fighter Nut Cracker

Force not strong with you? Have to use a cracker to get those nuts open? Now you can get a little help from the force with this Vader style advanced Tie Fighter nutcracker straight from the Imperial arsenal.

Sky Swing Chair

One of the coolest phrases ever uttered by NASA, "Rocket powered sky crane!" Well this isn't a rocket powered sky crane, but it's about as close as you can get in your backyard. It's a Sky Swing Chair. Isn't it cool?


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