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Who uses a planner anymore? Ensigns

Star Trek Captain's Log 2015 Weekly Planner

The right stuff

Star Trek Original Series 2015 Wall Calendar

Beam the bad guys up, Scotty. I like it hear

Star Trek Classic Series Communicator

Don't join the landing party

Star Trek Expendable T-Shirt

They don't look like this anymore!

Star Trek Cast 1000 Piece Puzzle

Where no coffee has gone before

Star Trek Travel Mug


If you are a fan of Star Trek, these socks are only logical. Keep your tootsies warm and impress all of the Vulcans in your family!

Keep the rings off of your consoles

Star Trek Glass Coaster Set


Ensigns require a short leash

Star Trek Uniform Leash

Where no DOG has gone before

Star Trek Plush Dog Chew Toy

Best pizza cutter in the Alpha quadrant

Star Trek Pizza Cutter. Antimatterstore says it's beautiful and cuts great!

Wicked Cool!

Star Trek Ships of the Line 2015 Wall Calendar

Set phasors for deep fat fry

Star Trek Classic Phaser Toy

To boldly go. . . .

Star Trek Classic U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

To also boldly go. . . .

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E Electronic Starship

Don't set the cloaking device. You'll never find it.

Star Trek Klingon Bird-of-Prey Electronic Starship

You guessed it. . .also going boldly

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B Electronic Starship

There's no school like the old school

Star Trek Enterprise 1000 Piece Puzzle

Keep track of all your important star dates

Star Trek 2015 Desk Calendar

The awesome Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg Signed Autograph star Trek Scotty Photo

The trailblazing Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols Signed Handwritten Note & Photo Display Star Trek

The original engineer!

James Doohan Signed Framed 16x20 Photo Display JSA Star Trek Scotty

In case you need a transwarp beam out

Simon Pegg Scotty Signed Auto Playmates Star Trek Communicator PSA DNA COA

Ship's log. . . everything's awesome!

Star Trek 8x10 Photo Autographed by Captain James Kirk actor William Shatner

Turn your head and cough

Gates Autographed Photo - McFADDEN STAR TREK PSA DNA 8x10


Star Trek 8x10 Bridge Photo Autographed by SPOCK actor Leonard Nimoy




Zoe Saldana Signed 8x10 Photo PSA/DNA COA Star Trek '09 Picture Autograph Avatar

I sense a purchase.

Marina Sirtis autographed 8x10 Photo (Star Trek - The Next Generation)

Lens flares

J.J. ABRAMS signed *STAR TREK* 8x10 Photo Producer PROOF W/COA #7

Real, not replicated.

1996 Star Trek Metal Complete Trading Card Set Tin Metallic Box Impressions

Vintage 1975

1975 Morris Star Trek Sticker Book ^ With 40 Unopened Packs

Oh my.

George Takei autographed 8x10 Photo (Star Trek Sulu) Image #1inscribed Live Long and Prosper

It's like a mirror

Patrick Stewart Autographed STAR TREK The Next Generation 8x10 Photo BLACK CUSTOM FRAME

Everybody in one place

Star Trek the Next Generation Cast Framed 16x20 Photo Display ST:TNG

Chief O'brien

Colm Meaney Signed Framed 11x14 Photo Display Star Trek

Command Gold

Star Trek Classic Gold Shirt Deluxe Costume

Curly hair? NO problem.

Star Trek Spock Wig

Blue means science

Star Trek Classic Blue Shirt Deluxe Costume


Red shirt means. . . well we all know what red means.

Star Trek Classic Red Shirt Deluxe Costume

Beam me up, Honey!

Call your wife using this cool Samsung Galaxy S5 communicator cover
Available for other phones

Kobayashi Maru? Bring it on!

Star Trek Captain Kirk Shirt Deluxe Costume

Why are all of the women's uniforms red?

Star Trek Classic Deluxe Red Dress Costume

Right next to 5619 on the menu

Species 5618 (Single-Sided) Tee Shirts by kapland

Growing ears just isn't logical

Star Trek Spock Ears

Endorsed by Dracula.

Vampire ears. For when Vulcan ears just won't do. If you are looking for Vulcan vampire ears, you're out of luck.

Science officer K9

-Rubberized Insignia Charm on the Uniform Collars
-Available in all sizes for any dog!
-Matching Star Trek Leashes Available!

Captain's dog, 4427.1

-Custom Shaped Faux Suede
-Gold Embroidered Insignia
-Embroidered Panels on Arms
-Officially Licensed Star Trek Dog Accessories!

It's a science leash

-Anodized Hardware and 6 feet long, Gold Hardware on Uniform Colors
-Rubberized Insignia Charm on Uniform Colors
-Matching Star Trek Collars Available!

To complete the ensemble

-Available in Spock, Kirk, Uhura and Scottie Colors!
-Fits almost any dog!
-Your dog will rank among the crew of the enterprise

Dispenses messages in the form of bags.

-Molded Eva Zipper Bag
-Rubberized Grommet Dispensing Hole

Best toy in the delta quadrant

-Birthplace: lo Spacedock (near Jupiter)

This is the new design

USS Enterprise with damage

Express your affiliation

-Highest quality vinyl car decal
-Made from Orafoil vinyl
-Can last 5 years against sun and rain
-Instructions included
-Made in America

Deck building game

Play the different scenarios included with the game or create your own

This book will have it.

Is there one food that humans, Klingons, Bajorans, and Vulcans would like?

Mahk'cha ta' mak

the first comprehensive sourcebook for Klingon language

Vulcan is warm this time of year. . . or any.

measures 13.00 by 19.00 inches
high quality full color poster with white border

Awesome Star Trek art

This book is a lavishly illustrated celebration of the new vision

Star Trek 6oz. Stainless Steel Flask
Add a little Sarian Brandy to your cooking

-6" x 6"

Star Trek Large Tin Lunchbox
Have lunch with your favorite crew

-10" x 7.5"
Also features a collapsible plastic handle and a metal latch closure.

Build your own Enterprise!

-USS Enterprise 1701-D Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model

Build your own Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model

Build your own Enterprise!

Enterprise NCC-1701 Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model

Build your own Klingon empire!

Klingon Vor'Cha Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model

Spock cheats

Includes 52 different images
Includes linen type finish

Explore the universe and never leave the table

Gain knowledge and power to become a legendary Captain in this deck building game

Set phasers to stunning!

-Image is Approximately 7.5" x 10"
-Image will work on any 1/4 Sheet Cakes
-Edible Image Icing Cake Topper

Need some Star Trek love?

Skins are thin, easy-to-remove, vinyl decals for customizing your device.

Star Fleet class ring

1:1 scale accurate replica of the ring worn in the Star Trek film

Blue means science

-Measures 5 1/2-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches tall
-Also featured are a front non-zip pocket and a hidden split ring in the back zip pocket

Star Trek ladies wallet

-Just for Star Trek ladies! Women of Star Fleet will love the design of this Star Trek Original Series Ladies Wallet!

Subtle Star Trek

Make-up bag inspired by Uhura's uniform from Star Trek!
7 1/2" wide x 4" tall x 2 1/4" long.

Slippers for the Star Trek fan

-Tribbles purr when you walk
-One size fits most; The footbed is 11" long. (Approx Men's size 11/Women's 12)
-3 LR44 batteries for each slipper (included)

Star Trek Playing Cards
Star Trek playing cards

Playing cards with your favorite characters from Star Trek

Star Trek Next Generation Playing Cards
Star Trek Next Gen playing cards

For your next trip to IO

Star Trek Ships of the Line Playing Cards
Star Trek playing cards

Don't like people, try these space ships

Star Trek Enterprise Playing Cards in Tin Box
Star Trek playing cards

Lot's of Star Trek goodness in this box.


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